Regulation of artficial intelligence

Our research covers issues like tort liability and criminal liability of AI systems, as well as taxation of the use of AI. See below for some of our recent publications.

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Ryan Abbott
Research Lead in AI

Professor Ryan Abbott is the Hub’s Research Lead in AI and a Professor of Law and Health Sciences at the School of Law.

Joshua Andresen

Dr Joshua Andresen is a member of the Hub and a Senior Lecturer in National Security and Foreign Relations Law at the School of Law.

Ambrose Lee

Dr Ambrose Lee is a member of the Hub and a Lecturer at the School of Law.

Alex Leveringhaus

Dr Alex Leveringhaus is a member of the Hub and a Lecturer at the Department of Politics.

Melissa Hamilton

Dr Melissa Hamilton is a member of the Hub and a Professor at the School of Law.

Ubongabasi Obot

Ubongabasi Obot is a PhD candidate at the University of Surrey School of Law and a recipient of the Doctoral College Studentship Award.

Alex Sarch

Professor Alex Sarch is a member of the Hub. He is also a Professor of Legal Philosophy at the School of Law and the Head of the School.


We argue that criminal law falls short in cases where an AI functionally commits a crime and there are no practically or legally …

Inventive machines pose existential threat to current patent norms and standards.


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Register: Eventbrite In criminal justice, the practice of predicting who will commit a crime is a long-standing tradition. …

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